Tools and Products 

these are some of the items we use and recommend on a regular basis. They should be easy to find online, but if you have any questions please text us at (208) 912-5682 and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Playtex baby Ventaire-6oz slow flow

Medela SNS


La Vie
warming lactation massage pads

Medela Nipple shields and case

IKEA Nursing Pillow

Haakaa Silicone breast pump

Medela quick clean micro-Steam Bags

Dohme white noise machines

Magnet Drawing Toy

Banana tooth brush

Teether tubes

Laally- bridge system

more milk plus with fenugreek


Mother love
more milk mor

Pink Stork
total lactation

supplement website

Pink Stork
no flow

Happy Ducts 

BIBS Pacifier

MAM Pacifier