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      What is Rolfing SI? Rolfing™ Structural Integration is a holistic approach at finding balance and harmony within the body primarily through the influence of fascial tissue manipulation. Ida Rolf is the woman who created the method of what is known as the “10-series”. Dr. Rolf discovered that when a body is better balanced in gravity, it has the adaptive capacity to move effortlessly and without pain. When out of alignment with gravity, the unseen force will continually pull the body further from alignment, and it is experienced as pain and discomfort. Using a formulaic approach with each session to move the body into better alignment with gravity allows the person to experience the feeling of freedom and relief, sometimes even from chronic pain. This is accomplished by retraining the muscles and fascial tissue to hold and move the body in the most economical way possible.

       What should I expect during a Rolfing Structural Integration session? Please come prepared in your “Rolfing uniform”. The Rolfing uniform is clothing you find comfortable, such as underwear, sports bra (please no “super strappy” sports bras) and shorts, or any item of clothing that is loose and able to be moved to work directly with the skin. As a Rolfer, I am able to work best if I can see the changes that are happening with the fascial tissue, so clothing that allows for skin to skin contact but also is comfortable to the client. If you have any questions about what is an acceptable uniform please feel free to ask your Rolfer or check in with the front desk. Following sessions you may experience some general “soreness” similar to a good workout, staying hydrated and stretching will help to minimize discomfort.

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