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     The Rolf Institute is known for an exceptional training program where they focus on all aspects of the body. We studied anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology which helps bring understanding to how the different systems in our bodies respond/react under normal conditions vs. stressful conditions. The approach of Rolfing is holistic, meaning all aspects of how the client is feeling physically, emotionally, energetically, and mentally is considered and monitored during each session. The overall goal of Rolfing is to help bring the body back into alignment within gravity, release tension through the fascial web (connective tissue), and teach new postural cues to help the client continue to find a clear connection in using their bones to support their bodies rather than using muscle, which fatigues over time. As these goals are realised through the client, their body has a new opportunity to hold itself in a different, more functional pattern. New patterns equal new movement which will free the body to move more effortlessly.

      What I notice while working with fascia is that each body responds differently to different types of pressure. Depending upon the injury or trauma that has occured, the time that has passed since injury, and the pattern and level of tension that the fascia is holding all determine how deep into the body we must go to restore balance back to the entire system. Working layer by layer to release tension and smooth out the fascial web allows the body to integrate the changes being made.

      I have been with my wife Nicole for 11 years, and married for 4. We have two beautiful daughters named Everly and Eloise. Becoming a father has been one of the greatest rewarding events of my life! As a family we love to be active. We enjoy having family game nights, hosting fun parties and playing outside. We love to read and do art projects together. I am an avid tennis player and also really enjoy playing golf.

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