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a story from heather

I’m sure you’re not at all like me when it comes to tackling closet cleaning! It’s a tad embarrassing actually. Let me give you a bit of background. Joking aside, I thought about cleaning out my master bathroom linen closet for 3.5 years. You heard me right. 45 months. Granted those 3.5 years were very busy! Dang busy. But still. SO. MUCH. LOOT. I would think about it and then compartmentalize it as an “eventually I will get to it”. Eventually I did. I’ve realized that my issue with tackling projects like this is just the starting. Once I start, I am golden. Having organized closets is a small thing but it’s so nice! Let this be your push to choose a closet in your home and go through it today!! Getting rid of unused, unneeded items and maximizing closet space feels so nice. If I can do it after thinking about it for 3.5 years, you can too! Start today, give yourself a couple of hours and dive in. You won’t regret it! 

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