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Heather Spencer

After high school I moved from small town in northern Utah to a suburb of Dallas, Texas at age 18 to be a nanny for a lovely family for a year. My goal was to save money so that I could attend college. That experience was so eye opening! The following summer I moved back to Utah and started full time at UVSC, juggled two jobs and dated Chad. After a 6 month engagement we got married in 2002. I was 20 and he was 22. I’m still amazed that I was able to make such an important decision that has worked out so well.


After we got married, I was able to find work as a nanny for a wonderful family in Salt Lake City. I spent 4 amazing years with them, caring for their 2 adorable kiddos. I still feel fond of the time I spent there!! I learned so much about myself and what I wanted out of life.


I’ve always loved children and knew at that point that I eventually wanted a family of my own. Chad and I have three beautiful daughters, Gabbie (12), Macie (8) and Sofie (6).

I am enjoying the journey of parenting and mothering so much. I really appreciate how involved and helpful Chad is. We’re learning together how to laugh and adapt to the daily parenting wins and losses. Some days are hard and stressful, but for the most part I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. 


I became a multi-tasking expert as I balanced being a newlywed, working full time, attending college full time, and help support my husband as he worked and attended undergrad and graduate School of Architecture at the U of U. It was during those early years of marriage that I found a passion for interior design and was able to complete an interior design program at SLCC after generals. 


I inherited my love for floral work from my mother. She worked at several floral shops while I was in my pre-early teens and eventually opened up her own floral shop when I was in high school. I would come and be with her and help her after school and on the weekends. My mom is a very talented woman who always sees the beauty in nature and the simple things. She is always collecting, gathering, planting, improving, creating, designing and arranging. These same things are what bring me real joy too! I especially love arranging bridal bouquets for weddings. I love using the elements and principals of interior design and applying them to floral design. 


I love spending quality time with my family and friends and enjoy being a wife and SAHM. I enjoy cooking, photography, serving others with various church callings, volunteering, organizing, cleaning and creating beautiful things. My most recent passion is a new found hobby of weaving wall hanging’s. I adore modern industrial design, (give me all the metal and wood) and enjoy thinking of small ways to improve and customize our home and maximize the space we have. 


I’m excited to be able to learn and share in this journey of ideas, photos, recipes, and experiences with you!  I know that feeling loved, valued and supported is essential to this divine work! 

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