My name is Melissa Johnson. I'm a certified birth doula and lactation educator in the treasure Valley for nearly the last decade. I have four children, three boys and one girl. We are retired military family. During our military career We were stationed at Fort Wainwright Alaska for four years where I had my first two children. We move back to Boise Idaho the summer of 2000. After September 11th my husband was called to be in the war supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and the first elections in Iraq. After he returned I had two more babies and took my doula training. I have been attending mothers ever since from Mountain Home to Portland Oregon and every place in between. My self appointed job is not my job, it's my life purpose. I'm a commissioned sketch artist on the side. So, a couple years into my career I began to include art in the form of photography with my clientele. I am just as in love with birth, maternity and newborn photography as I am with birth itself. To witness and capture the beginning of life and the sheer strength of women. There's no greater blessing.