Hello! I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself to you! My name is Sonya Abegglen and I have lived in the treasure valley for most of my life. I love Idaho and all the outdoor activities that come with it. I enjoy water skiing, snow skiing, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, running and mostly anything outside. I currently have 6 beautiful children and love every second of being a mom and convincing them to spend their time with me outdoors! I love my roles as a wife and mom and being part of a family unit….with all of its function (and dysfunction!) wrapped in beautiful adventures together. 

     I attended college at BYU, BSU and Universidad de Alcala in Spain 2005-2008. After this, I became a mother (best education ever!) and put my formal studies on hold. In 2013, I was first introduced to Craniosacral Therapy and fell in love with the work. After seeing this work change my own family in the most positive ways, I knew I wanted to do this work someday.


In 2018, I came across Craniosacral Therapy again and decided to finish my education. I attended the Upledger Institute and started practicing Craniosacral Therapy. In 2019 I furthered my education with Upledger and started practicing Somato Emotional Release in conjunction with Craniosacral Therapy. I recently finished my Pediatrics Courses and look forward to continuing to specialize in infants, pediatrics and mother/baby care.


In 2018, I also began studying Lactation with the goal of becoming an IBCLC and combining the two therapies to form a unique specialty (one that Lynelle introduced me to!). I am done with the education pieces of that goal and currently looking at finishing my clinical hours and hope to sit for the IBCLC exam in the near future. 

I love the combination of Lactation and Craniosacral therapy. It’s unbelievably effective and it feels like the two were always meant to be done in conjunction! I absolutely love working on infants and children.


I am a certified Positive Discipline Educator and have studied positive parenting and PCIT courses since 2013. I am passionate about positively parenting our children and love to share with others this passion. I enjoy teaching others these skills and meeting with other parents to help pass on the tools that are available. I’ve seen the difference positive parenting can make on my journey as a mother and am always looking for continuing this education. It’s my belief that home is a learning ground and people (including children) respond best to positivity. 

As I have advanced in these practices I have been able to help adults and teens through emotional issues, trauma, pain, birth experiences and a host of structural deficiencies using Somato Emotional Release and Craniosacral Therapy. I have found that Craniosacral Therapy serves the family dynamic in such a beautiful way. I truly cannot say enough good about Craniosacral Therapy and love working with all parts of the family unit and the healing and hope Craniosacral Therapy offers. 


I also have an insatiable passion for health and nutrition and a myriad of other faucets relating to the human body and wellness. I enjoy finding a balance between homeopathic/natural remedies and more western medicine approaches. I enjoy exploring multiple options and finding ones that fit each situation best in health, schooling and life in general. 


I currently practice Craniosacral Therapy for both pediatrics and adults. I practice out of my home office in Middleton and at our Eagle Location with Family Seasons. This has been an amazing journey and I love the effectiveness of this therapy and the great experiences and results I have seen first-hand with it. It’s something I am excited to bring hand in hand into my practice as an IBCLC in the future as well. 

I am currently finishing my education as a student, training for the IBCLC exam and certification. Lynnelle King is not only one of my favorite people (ever!) but I’ve been privileged to be her student and learn from her both in my Craniosacral work as well as my current training to be an IBCLC. As well as being highly trained and exceptionally good at what she does, I also have loved learning from her life experience and goodness as a person. I’m excited to continue to always seek out more education and training in future years and glean from providing services to families in the Treasure Valley.