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tips from heather

I spent a whole afternoon recently with my 6 year old sorting and organizing “all the things”. It was such a fun, simple little project for both of us! I wanted to share the idea with you.  


The first thing you will need are glass jars. I love using recycled jars, but you can also purchase the jars you would like to use. Various sizes of jars make for a fun display at the end. Size also depends on what you will be putting in the jars. The amount of jars you will need will vary with what you might have laying around the house to sift through. We tackled some craft items and used 10 jars.


Next you will need to gather up the items you would like to sort that have been collecting in your junk drawer, home office, art room, craft drawer etc. You can expect to have quite the mess during this part of the process! 


I let my daughter go to town helping me put all the matching items together into the jars. We ended up with feathers, buttons, sticks, leather, wooden beads, metal hair clips, wax thread and mini clothes pins. 


They end result is adorable displayed on a shelf or window-seal. The possibilities are really endless with this project. Happy Organizing!

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