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Parenting Resources

mom guilt and stone soup 

Whitney's experience 

fill YOUR cup

a story by Heather S.

baking together

a story by Whitney

dealing with sensory issues

Heather's experience

four months later, infertility

Whitney's experience


tips from Heather S.


a story from Heather S.

baby book, mom guilt

a story from Heather S.
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HI! I am a former, and hopefully future, musician and a full time stay at home mom. I am an outdoor enthusiast who is recovering form nerve damage in both arms. I’m raising a toddler and a dog who both constantly push me to search for more information and new approaches. My goal is to parent authentically and to give space, support, and opportunity for others to live the same. Through anxiety, depression, infertility, miscarriages, chronic pain, and whatever else my come; I never want to feel like I’m living in the waiting room.

Heather S.

Hello! I am a co contributor to this parenting resources page, and I am very excited to share the insight and tips I've learned while being a mother to three wonderful girls!

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